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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Chapman Christmas

Christmas this year for the Chapman's started with my Maddie waking us up to, "Mommy, Mommy, Santa came. Come look." I absolutely love the sweet simple excitement of a child's belief that the gifts under the tree just "arrived." Her joy is pure joy- minus any stress of finances, long lines, traffic, wrapping at midnight. I love that I can vicariously enjoy the same joy through her.

Just as special to me was my eldest child being grateful and excited about her gifts. My fourteen year old has had some major changes in her family life, the addition of not one but two little sisters, take an only child very quickly from the center of attention to a glimpse in passing. Not to mention, her parents adding another non living baby to the family (a business) which for the time being is creating an economic change in her life. She proved she still has a youthful, innocent, kind heart; but, she is mature enough to know that life changes, and with those changes her own desires may not always be met.

My relationship with my man has also been through some major changes. The two B's (Business and Babies) can definitely take a strong relationship and test its strength to the point of breaking. Trying to learn how to work together professionally with the demands of babies thrown into the mix, makes a perfectly happy couple suddenly realize that it takes a lot more than just love to live happily ever after.

Yesterday my man, my children, and I ENJOYED each other as a family. I do feel truly happy and blessed that even though we have had changes and obstacles in our life, I can say that yesterday my man, my children, and I ENJOYED each other as a family.

I do hope that everyone else can say as well that no matter what changes or obstacles you have had that you and yours ENJOYED your day as well.

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  1. What a GREAT family picture. Your post brought me to tears. How I miss those innocent years. Children are truly the ultimate JOY of life!