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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Finding "myself" at the bank

I just recently realized that have lost "myself." Believe me I do know how clique that sounds......."I have lost myself."
However, I truly have.
Today while I was at the bank, without my little ones, I realized that before diapers, drool, and all else that entails taking care of babies, I actually had some of my own uninterupted dreams, desires, and thoughts.
My ephinany has been long coming.
During a conversation with my accountant, my long lost past was brought up. He asked me about my degree in Philosophy. My conversation with him about that opened my eyes to the "Kativity" that existed before. I love my babies and do love being their mother; however, I truly did not realize how much of my own self would be taken over by the demands of young children. It was my thoughts and desires "my thoughts and desires" that would be put on the back burner.
Truly, is it not your thoughts and desires that is you?


  1. You are a sum of your whole...which includes the kids....

  2. I am a sum of my whole but when your physical and mental self is totally consumed by the demands of others I think you can literally loose your "self"