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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Sweat the Small Stuff

My daughter's freind just lost her Dad. She is 14 years old, and he died unexpectadly.

Loosing someone you are close to is probally one of the hardest parts of life. This little girl's loss has really got me thinking about what is truly important in my life.

In a way, I think I really should "sweat the small stuff."

Smiling everyday at the people I come in contact with, can change my whole day.

Giving my husband a huge hug when he leaves and when he comes home, really can strengthen our bond.

Asking my teenager how her day was and truly listening to all the jibber jabber (without helpful advice), can make a huge difference in our relationship.

Laughing with my little ones, brings tremendous joy.

Simply doing what I can to enjoy my day, appreciating the people in my life, and taking care of business, without forgeting the "small stuff," is all I need to do today.


  1. Yes, the small stuff really is "big stuff" when you think about it. I am sooooo terribly sad about the Smith family. Truly sickened in my heart that such a loving family has such tragedy to deal with and during a time that should be joyous. I wonder what God's take is on "sweating the small stuff?" You have a huge heart my friend and are super intelligent. You have the capacity to make a difference in your girls lives. You are headed in the right direction.

  2. Mommy
    that was hard to hear when i heard my old best friend lost her dad
    and knowing tht she was crying made me cry
    she wrote a blog about him which tore my heart in two cause i would think about my daddy
    and i litterally wouldnt be living with out himm
    tht would be so hard for our family not haven dad in our lives
    she is holding in and she is getting past slowly eachday all though her heart is litterally broken in two and can never be replaces!!!!
    i love you and i love your blogs its neat
    and you can express your feeling instead of tlking to me
    your 14 yr old daughter!!

  3. @Debralee,
    I think God is all about the "small stuff" as all we can really do is take one step at a time and really we aren't in control of the outcome.
    Thanks for the nice words.