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Friday, January 15, 2010

We're going to Hollywood....How being "married with kids" relates to an American Idol auditon

Carmen and Lauren: American Idol auditioneers; "besties" 4ever.

The American Idol clip portrays the friendship of these two girls as not just close, but special.

Married Couple: Two people sharing their lives together; true love always.

Partners who spend their days living, laughing, loving.

Carmen and Lauren: They spend all their time together, have a lot in common, and seem to generally have an exceptional friendship. Both girls love to sing; so, of course, the next step to achieving their goals is AMERICAN IDOL.

Married Couple: After meeting and getting to know each other, they both believe this particular person is someone special; and, like most young couples they set off together to achieve the AMERICAN DREAM. Success, Mortgage, Kids.

Carmen and Lauren: "Besties" forever, or at least until one wins an audition and the other doesn't. If body language truly portrays one's true feelings, then based on Lauren's reaction, she would not be able to handle the complex difficulties incurred from the fact that her friend was off to Hollywood without her. Even the 72 coats of foundation could not hide Lauren's complete lack of joy for her "Besties" accomplishment.

Married Couple: In the beginning, their days together consisted of - 4 wheeler rides in Hawaii, hikes in Canada, long talks about their future, cuddling on the couch, movies, wake boarding, snowboarding, hours upon hours of quality time just being together. But the daily "auditions" of demanding children, tedious and stressful business transactions, and most importantly little to no time at the end of the day for just being together, creates tension non conducive to the love that once came so easily.

Carmen and Lauren: Although I am only assuming, as I do not know either Carmen nor Lauren, but based on the AMERICAN IDOL footage, their friendship before the audition seemed idealistically happy and fun; however, after complications involving feelings of jealousy and resentment became part of their relationship, the friendship seemed to instantly transform from special to nonexistent.

Married Couple: Before the complex difficulties that inevitably occur with attempting to achieve the AMERICAN DREAM, most relationships start out as idealistically happy and fun. Fortunately, this is where the similarities between married couples and Carmen and Lauren's friendship can cease. For, although one's married relationship will most likely be revised by consequences that occur during the many "auditions" people face when sharing their lives together, this revision can transform an idealistically happy and fun partnership to a realistically, strong, fulfilling, relationship worthy of lasting a lifetime.

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