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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Who is this chick in my house?

What happened?

No seriously .... what happened?

My little girl is no longer my - little girl. She is a mere reflection of the child who once lived here. Instead of her being completely different than me both physically and mentally, she is closer to being my equal than not.

Realizing that your child is no longer a child, she is like another woman in the house, changes the atmosphere of the home completely. After a few years of tug of war, our relationship has seemed to reach a plateau where we understand each other as an individuals in a mother daughter relationship, rather than mainly concerning ourselves with our role of parent or child.

I am pretty certain there will be some challenges coming as most teenagers need to fight for their adult independence; but, for the time being, I am just contemplating the bitter sweetness of her maturity, knowing that these moments of peace with where we are, as mother and daughter, can be short lived.

Although I do miss her as a child, I look forward to getting to know her as a young adult.

She is a pretty cool chick.

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